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Please login to the Forums site to access any Classified adds.  All policies listed below will continue to apply in the Forums !!


Please read and understand the bylaws before submitting Classified Ads to the Club

This Forum (to inlcude it's administrators, affiliates, sponsors, hosting service) assumes no responsibility for any interaction within these classified adds. This Forum simply provides this space for its registered users to exchange information on what they may have for sale or desire to purchase. All monetary or possession transfers will be handled solely between the buyer and seller. All purchases or transactions are done at the buyer and sellers risk. This Forum will not be responsible, nor involved in any complaints or disputes related to any aspect of the classified posting, transaction or other. It is strictly up to the individual submitting the classified as to what type of contact information is supplied in the classified add. This Forum will not be responsible for any resulting actions of posting any personal contact information that was originally submitted by the requestor. Sellers must abide by all State and Federal regulations regarding any items they are selling or trading. No Firearms sales or trades are permitted in this Forum. No explosive material or any other illegal substance or material will be permitted in this Forum. This Forum reserves the right to deny or delete illegal or inappropriate postings at any time.

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