Club Grounds UPDATES
Members please be advised that access to the club grounds is open currently, the clubhouse is currently closed and your key cards will not work to access inside.  Please practice all current protocol for the current COVID-19 situation and maintain ample space between each other when using the club grounds.  If you are not feeling well or are at high risk please stay home and take care of yourself.

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Quarterly Newsletter April-June 2020

Please read the entire newsletter as there are several changes for 2020.

Please check our website and Facebook pages for updates on scheduling for events going forward due to COVID-19. Good luck and safe hunting to everyone in the woods hunting turkeys. Please support the Club Committees by participating in their activities posted below. They all work very hard for your benefit.

Please check our new updated website at the address above and follow us on Facebook for events.


Important Dates

April 23            Membership meeting

May 13            Franklin County Trap Shoot

May 22-25       Traditional Archery Shoot (Rifle Range Closed)

May 28           ...

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2019 End of Year Update
I hope everyone is starting to thaw out some and getting ready to get out to do some trout fishing and turkey hunting.  Please support our lake by attending the Trout Rodeo on April 6th, details on the Fishing Info page.  Good luck and safe hunting to everyone hitting the woods for turkey hunting.

Please support the club committee's by participating in their activities posted below that they all work very hard on for your benefit.

I am also pleased to announce we are beginning the process of upgrading our website for the club.  Our intention is to make the site more user friendly and enable the ability to get more timely information out to our members.  We are in the initial planning stage at this time so more information will be available soon.

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