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Rifle range hours are: 

The following times for the rifle range is October 16th thru May 14 8am to 5pm.


Please follow all rules and times that are posted. Please remember to WEAR ORANGE when downrange and only 5 rounds in the clip at any time.  Please read all the range rules prior to using the range.  The rules are posted at the range for your convenience.



Remember to have your Fluorescent orange hat while on the range and please be courteous to others while using the range.  The range rules are posted at the range and are on the back of your Membership Card.   NO GUESTS ALLOWED



Firearm Range Rules and Regulations:

1) The range will be open from 08:00am until 08:00pm from May15th until August 31st each year. September 1st through October 15th it will be open from 08:00am until 07:00pm.  October 16th through May 14th it will be open from 08:00am until 05:00pm each year.

2) On Sundays during the months of June, July and August the range will open from 08:00am until 11:00am only.

3) On Saturdays during the months of June, July and August the range will be open from 08:00am until 05:00pm only.

4)Paper material targets only. No bottles, cans or metal targets will be permitted. Targets must be attached to the face of the backboards.

5)No automatic weapons of any kind are permitted on the grounds at any time.

6)No firearm being shot on the range will be loaded with more than 5 rounds in the magazine, clip or sleeve at any time.

7)No metallic silhouette shooting on the range at any time.

8)The largest caliber firearm permitted on the rifle range shall be the largest caliber permitted for Hunting in the Tri-State area of Pennsylvania, Maryland and West Virginia.

9)No guests on the rifle range with the exception of IRS dependents or grandchildren 17 years old under the supervision of a current Club Member.

10)The maximum yardage that can be used will be the furthest backboard on the range. The backboards will be provided by the Committee and no exceptions allowed.

11)Remove all targets when finished using the range and dispose of them in containers that are provided. Please keep the range neat and clean. Please put all spent cartridges including misfire or dud ammunition in provided containers marked BRASS, NOT in the fire or trash barrels !!!

12)No motor vehicles are allowed on the range at any time except for work parties.

13)All weapons must be fired from under the canopy covering and from the firing line only.

14)No person under the age of 18 will be permitted on the range unless supervised by an adult Club Member.

15)A florescent Orange hat MUST be worn by everyone while down range. NO EXCEPTIONS !!


Reminder: Pets must be leashed at all times on the Club grounds.  Pets must be restrained for the protection of other individuals and wildlife.

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