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Lane Barry on his 1st buck!!                                               Kahl Cordell on his 1st buck!!



Jerry Godwin - 2015                                                              Jerry Godwin - 2015                      



Timothy Henrich and Father                                                 Trent Dixon:  18" Crappie May 3rd 2013



 Brian Neville- Wisconsin B&C  157 5/8                                  Brook Martin- 11/02/2010- Mercersburg 5pt (First Bow Kill)  




Jordan Leveque- 10/01/2010- Smithsburg 7pt (First Bow Kill)    Jarred Leveque - 11/13/2010- Smithsburg 5pt (First Buck)




    Mick Gearhart,  10/11/2010 Lee, Maine  687 lbs                  Brian DeRigo,  4/15/2010 Club Lake  47" 48 lbs              



Brian DeRigo- 4/26/2010- Club Lake  40" 35 Lbs                     Brandon Davis  5/9/2010 Club Lake -  42"   22lbs.



Jason Palmer,  5 Point taken in Butler County, PA  




                                                                 Lori Hess,  7 Point taken in PA with Crossbow    



Levi Deike,  8 Point taken in Little Cove, PA                             Jordan Corbett,  26" 5lb 8oz Catfish - From the Club Lake




2008 GreenCastle Sportsman's Antler Measuring:










   Curt Trumpower, 10 Point taken in Gettysburg, PA                  Cody Ezolt, 18Inch Trout - 2008 Trout Derby
   B&C 128 6/8



Eric Leveque, 7 Point taken in Smithsburg, MD.                                        Mark Rider, ELK Bull taken in Craig CO.



Jordan Leveque, 8 Point taken in Smithsburg, MD.                                     Mark Rider, 6 Point taken in Leitersburg MD.

(He wishes......Dad took it !!!!)



Post Your Pics:  Post your Hunting and Fishing pictures to be displayed on this site. Simply email your pictures with a brief description similar to the ones above to the email address listed below and keep checking the web site for other member photos.  (Place "PIC" in the Subject Line)

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